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Our reusable produce bags tick all the boxes when it comes to convenience, affordability and durability.

  • You get 5 bags in a pack for the low price of $4.99. Currently available in Capsicum Red or Feijoa Green.

  • Each bag is a large 26 x 36 cm. Thats more than enough space!

  • 100% nylon construction makes our bags durable and strong. They can handle up to 2 kg each!

  • MUBs are designed to stay hygenic, just hand wash them and hang dry.

  • Need to wash your produce? With our mesh material You can do it right in the bag!

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MUBs are built to last with a tough and durable construction so you can keep using them over and over again.

Shop, Wash, Store and then repeat!

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MUBs are the lightest on the market coming in at only 4 grams a bag!

Since our bags are the same weight as most single use plastic produce bags there is no added cost at the checkout.

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Our bags come with an easy flip-top closure to keep your produce secure. We don’t think a produce bag needs to be complicated so we kept it simple!

Tutorial coming soon.

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If you use your MUBs for a year you will save 260 plastic bags*

Reducing your environmental footprint is easy. Get started today with MUBs.


*5 bags x 52 weeks = 260 bags saved!